Talismen: Return of the Exile





All TALISMEN stories are co-plotted by Steve and Barb and published in both Young Adult novel and graphic novel formats. Steve will write and Barb will draw original illustrations for each novel.

The first TALISMEN novel, THE KNIGHTMARE KNIFE, will be published in winter 2006 by Mundania Press. THE KNIGHTMARE KNIFE tells Colin, Reggie, Ollie, Timmy, and Jennifer's first adventure when the boys discover that they are exiles from the Land of Dreams on their 12th birthday. Work on the second TALISMEN novel, CAP'N OLLIE'S COIN, is scheduled to begin soon.

There will also be a shorter TALISMEN adventure between each novel called tweeners. The first TALISMEN tweener, "Calling the King,"(Click to read) is a five-page comic book story that occurs immediately after THE KNIGHTMARE KNIFE. The second TALISMEN tweener, "Boy In the Well," is a novella that occurs immediately after CAP'N OLLIE'S COIN. It can be purchased at Café Press.



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