July 15th:

The main site is back up and working, sorry for the delay in posting that here.

Talismen Main Site


July 7th:

Until the main site is back up, this site has been resurrected! Sorry for any inconvenience, and hopefully everything will be back in order soon.


July 2nd:

Who's the hottest male Talismen character? Well, vote and tell everyone what you think! The voting goes on all this week, and the "winner" gets drawn in his undies! And the next poll for next week? Who's the hottest lady! Now go vote!

June 30th:

Hello Tally readers, this is Barb! You probably noticed that things look a bit different here...a big thank you to The Amazing Kez for this awesome new web design!

Being that Talismen readers are oh so observant, I don't have to tell you all that we have kicked off the next volume of the Return of the Exile series with Chapter V: Enemy Unseen. Because I am back to producing pages as we go, page updates will now be Mondays only, but I will post something on Thursdays as well- typically a teaser for the coming page.

Again, thanks to those of you who have purchased the Epilogue. This will only be available for another month, so if you havent made a donation to receive it, you got til the end of July. Haven't heard a lot of comments from folks about it, but I hope you are enjoying it!

Thanks for voting for Talismen on TWC! Please keep it up!


June 24th:

Hello, everyone, Barb here! Lots of news today.

First off, I want to extend a big thank you to the very talented designer, 'pixiestix' for her wonderful work on the animated banner for the Epilogue segment. A lot of folks have said its like a little Talismen movie, and I have to agree! Thank you very much for creating this for us, 'pixie'!

The Epilogue to Exile I went 'on sale' last week, and we want to thank everyone who has made a donation to recieve it. If you would be kind enough to post a mini review or have any comments you would like to share with folks that maybe haven't seen it we have a forum thread for just such things!

I was honored to receive an invitation to the Mecha Penguin Live Journal group which features some amazing webcomic artists including Hans Tseng creator of Directions of Destiny, Fantasy Realms Niko Geyer, and Inverloch's Sarah Ellerton, just to name a few. It's a spot where we can blog and post thumbnails of new projects. Stop by and take a peek!

Monday is the last installment for the Knightmare Knife comic teaser. Kind of ends on a cliffhanger! So of course you will want to look into the novel when it comes out later this year through Mundania Press to find out how the rest of the story ends up!

With TKK wrapping up, we launch Return of the Exile II. The cover will be presented on Thursday. Also watch for some changes around Talismen Home! Kez is working some of her magic in her web building lair so stay tuned for that!!

Thank you for reading!


June 19th:

Hello Talismen readers, Barb here! Lots of news to report! If you haven't already heard, Talismen recieved a nomination at the Web Cartoonist Choice Awards for "Outstanding Fantasy Comic". What an honor! Thank you to all web comic creators for your nominations for us in this category. It means a great deal to us.

Contract negotiations continue on the Return of the Exile graphic novel; we are optimistic and will have news in the beginning of July on the book's availablity.

After a lot of chit chat, the Return of the Exile Vol. I Epilogue is finally done, and will be available here with a donation. We want to send a huge thank you to pixiestix and CT for all of their assistance in creating the Flash ad that you will be seeing soon. (It is uber cool!) Thank you so much!

Also a big thanks to CT for taking over the vote incentives. From now on, new art will be posted Monday, Wednesday, AND Friday! The incentives will feature sketches and color art from the upcoming Return of the Exile Vol. II.

Speaking of which...

The preliminary scripts for Chapter 1 and 2 of Ex. II are done so I guess I have to draw it. ;-) Watch for Exile II very soon. As well as some changes around the site.
Tornado time!

Later taters-


June 9th:

Steve here. Barb and I just received news this morning that Atlantis Studios will NOT be printing the third and fourth issues of TALISMEN: RETURN OF THE EXILE.

If you are a subscriber, please go to this forum thread. I will explain what all is going on there. Briefly, if worse comes to worse, you WILL be reimbursed for these unprinted issues within 30 days. Again, please go to the forums and click under ANNOUNCEMENTS for more information. Barb, I, and James Watson could use your feedback on this matter.


June 5th:

Hello Talismen readers! Barb here, hoping that you are all enjoying summer weather (well...except those of you down under who are hopefully enjoying mild winter weather...but I digress.)

New banner is up, as you can see, and this is to let everyone know that the Epilogue segment to RotE Vol I is nearly done! This eight page mini story will be a pay-per-view segment available with a small donation in just a couple of weeks, so watch for it.

Big thanks to Jennifer Conitro for running our spot on Comicon's Pulse.

Also thank you to Mike Dean (Slither and friend) and Black Kitty (Drunk Duck goddess) for their kind 'Drive-By' review of Talismen on Gigcast.
Now I'm blushing. Darn it.

Thanks again, everyone and hope you continue to enjoy what's coming. You ain't seen nothing yet.


May 29th:

Howdy Talismen readers! Barb here, still enjoying her internet access and not taking it for granted! I hope our fellow U.S. friends took at least a moment to remember our servicemen and women this Memorial Day. And if we are still fortunate to have some of you veterans and active reading our little story... thank you. We don't take YOU for granted either.

We want to send a huge T.Y. to the loverly Lady Yates of Earthsong for posting a link to Tally on the main page of her site. Thank you muchly!!! Welcome to those Earthsong fans who may be new to Talismen.

The Exile I Epilogue is nearly done. You will be seeing some stuff on the site very soon so stay tuned. Once the TKK comic is done, Exile II is coming! Or as our friend Miss Susanerita calls it "Those Other Two Exiles".

Later Taters!


May 25th:

Hello Talismen readers! Barb is here, back online! I want to thank you all for your patience while I have been gone, and barring any future lightning strikes (only supposed to strike once, you know) the updates should be on time now!

We are currently waiting to see if we receive a WCCA nomination this year—keep your fingers crossed, y'all! Of course we will let you know if we do!

Hey! Enjoy the update!


May 21th:

Hey everyone, Kez here. Barb's 'Old Blue' is still AWOL, much to her, uh, frustration. To put it lightly. So the Tally comeback has been pushed to Thursday. I just want you all to know that Barb is working as hard as she can on this, but sometimes, things just go wrong—and we all know things often go wrong in the tech world. But make no mistake, Talismen is coming back, and soon.

May 18th:

We'd like to announce a new link exchange with VRIN: Ten Mortal Gods, a webcomic described as "a cross between Lord of the Rings and The Matrix." Check it out!

May 16th:

Hello, Talismen readers, Barb here from a remote, uspecified location...
If you have been following the Talismen news, you know that my computer was damaged in a lightning storm last week, so I haven't had access to the Knightmare Knife pages (which are on my hard drive) to post updates. I am still waiting on a part to come in, and will probably be offline until Friday, so updates of TKK will resume Monday, May 29. However, I plan to post an extra piece of art the end of the week to thank everyone for your patience during this unexpected hiatus. We had our best week ever last week in visitors and no new update, so thank you for stopping by!

~Also, to those who are inquiring about The Epilogue segment- it is still in production (which has been obviously halted while I wait for my computer.) It will be advertised here on the main page as soon as it is available.

May 9th:
Lightning + Computers = LATE UPDATE.

I am writing from work right now.

Yes, a mini catastrophe to my livelihood has struck, for the time being turning my old Mac G4 into a paperweight. I had it in sleep mode, a storm woke me up at 3AM, I got it unplugged, but this morning it wouldnt start up at all. I dont know. We are in hurry up and wait mode. I have to get it in the shop and see the prognosis and I cant do that until I get off work. This could be reeeeeallly bad (like "gotta spare five grand" big deal) or not a big deal at all.

SO this means that Thursday's update aint gonna happen. Anyone wanna do some guest art?

Sigh. Sorry gang. Except for when I am in the shop here, I will be off line so I apologize if I miss any messages. Thanks yall


May 8th:

We'd like to announce a new link exchange! Please welcome ROL Comic! Remember to go and visit those who support Talismen. Also, navigation on this site will now redirect you to the equivalent on the SpiderForest site. Change your links!

April 24th:

Hey, Talismen readers! This is Barb the art one, and I just wanted to thank everyone for visiting the Talismen site and for the great comments you have shared with us! We hope you have been enjoying Knightmare Knife - this comic teaser for the novel of the same name will be running through May, and then we begin the Return of the Exile Volume II storyline. (more new news below)

We are happy to announce a new link exchange, Van Von Hunter! If you aren't already familiar with this one, stop by and check this out!

Finally, I wanted to remind everyone that I will be appearing at the Anime Central con in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare on Saturday May 6, and the morning of May 7. I hope some of you can visit!

That be all for now!


(Kez hereby profusely apologizes for not having this up earlier on the CG mirror. The brain went splat weeks ago.)

April the 3rd:

Those of you who have not checked out the forum, you are missing out! There is now a section where you can ask the characters of RoTE anything, and get answers in the form of a small comic or as text. Come introduce yourselves and join the dark si--I mean, the fun!

In case you're wondering, the other vote buttons have been removed because the sites keep vanishing. Clicking on the vote preview button will lead you to the SAME list as the vote button itself (TWC list). Eventually, there will only be the vote preview button, so this is kinda like a trial run for everyone to get used to the format.


March the 24th

Two new links added to the links page! Visit Ghost Girl Kimiko and The Dreamland Chronicles!

March the 20th

AHHHHH!!! It's Steve the Writer's birthday!! It's late on the site, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY WITTLE STEVIE!! ahem. I hope that was sufficiently embarrassing? Go to this post and congratulate Mr. Steven P Jones!!

Also, in case you missed the newest news, today is the start of The Knightmare Knife! (Go to this post for more info). Also, we are beginning to move all operations over to the new SpiderForest site! Some things are still in the works, but start changing your bookmarks and links! Go and visit, and leave Barb lots 'o comments!

-KEZ aka webmistress

March the 13th

Hey y'all, Barb here. Again, thank you to everyone for your support and comments you've shared here, on the forum, and on all of our satellite sites. It was a bit of a bumpy week for the Talismen gang, but we look forward to smooth sailing in the coming weeks.

We are happy to welcome Gunnerkrigg Court to our list of links. This is one of my personal favorite online comics- if you haven't checked it out, click da link! Comic subscribers: Issue 2 will be in the mail this week, so look for it in the next few days! You'll also be getting your signed print of the watercolor poster, so look for that too! And if you haven't subscribed yet, you still have time to get into the drawing for the framed original Talismen painting.

This week is Guest Art Week! Enjoy some great art we have received from our friends over the last year.

Some changes are coming with the site, stay tuned! Later taters!